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Mizuki Arisa, Koike Teppei, Matsushita Nao, Maya Miki


Akiyama Satomi (Mizuki Arisa), 33, is single, beautiful and intelligent.

A Japanese history teacher at a distinguished private girls school,

she is competent, charming and can handle anything at her workplace.

However,in her private life,she is hopeless at household chores as well as cooking.

One day,Kosaka Shinichi (Koike Teppei), 23, comes as a temporary staff

member to this school full of females. Having been in countless part-time jobs

after graduating from university, he is bewildered about his sudden

dispatch to this school. The young female teachers and students squeal

about the good-looking and cute Shinichi

but Satomi has no interest in a man who is 10 years her junior.

She is a veteran teacher and has devoted her life to this job

but Shinichi is still a temporary staff. Satomi also draws a significantly

larger salary and has a higher rank than him.

Furthermore, Shinichi, with his unusual values, is unlike the traditional

male stereotype that currently proliferates society. It is impossible to imagine that

a relationship would form between these two people … it should have been but...

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Alisa Mizuki, Teppei Koike play lovers in romantic comedy
Tue, September 1, 2009 (1:24am EDT)
Actress Alisa Mizuki (32) is starring in a TBS drama series next season
called "Ohitorisama." The show will be a romantic comedy,
pairing her up with young actor Teppei Koike (23).

"Ohitorisama" is an original series by screenwriter Masaya Ozaki
("Kekkon Dekinai Otoko," "Oniyome Nikki").
Mizuki plays a teacher at a prestigious girls' school,
who excels in her work but lacks in cooking and housekeeping.
She falls in love with a colleague 10 years younger than her (Koike),
and they begin living together. Each episode highlights
the differences in their age, status, mindset, and values.

Miki Maya (45) will play the principal of the school. Nao Matsushita (24)
and singer Ami Suzuki (27) have also been added to the cast.
TBS has scheduled "Ohitorisama" for Friday nights at 10:00pm,
starting on October 16.

credit: http://www.tokyograph.com/news/id-5213


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Ohitorisama สงสัยก็จะฮาไม่น้อย



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